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Kurume-ya, A beauty and the Kurume Ramen


It’s ramen when I hear Kurume

“What is the representative food of Kurume?”

I asked an acquaintance who lives in Kurume.

“It’s ramen and burdock tempura udon for meals after drinking.”

He is a nice guy But he’s a little off, so sometimes the conversation doesn’t engage.

“You don’t have to focus on what you eat after drinking.”
“Many people say there are many yakitori restaurants.”

Something is different…

How many times have I visited Kurume? For me, Kurume ramen when I hear it. When I was young, I had a desire to eat cannon ramen. Despite being in the same Fukuoka prefecture, it is different from Hakata and Kitakyushu, and features a unique tonkotsu like collagen entangled in noodles. He continued,

“I’m a Kurume person, but I don’t like tonkotsu ramen. I really like miso ramen or soy sauce ramen.”

Thank you for the useless information.

My memories of Kurume Ramen

Every time I visit Kurume, I feel like eating at a different ramen shop. At first I ate it at Cannon Ramen Main Store. Ramen is good, of course. I also like pickles in this ramen shop. Especially in winter, I liked lightly pickled “Yamashiona”. I looked up about it. In the Edo period, 2~3 centuryies ago now, the seeds had been washed away from the mountains due to the flooding of the Chikugo River arrived at Nakasu in the river and grew naturally. This ramen shop is quite good at picking vegetables from Kurume’s specialty.

Leopard print Kurume ramen
Leopard print Kurume ramen

Last year, more than 10 years later, I ate ramen in Kurume. A female chef is running the ramen shop. Not only the bowls, but the whole ramen shop has a leopard print. However, she regretted that she couldn’t a spoon to be leopard-printed.

I swallowed some people on that day as well, and then went to eat ramen as usual. Walk along the aisle where ramen shops line up. The leopard print ramen shop is closed today. Locals say we go to another astringent store. One of the female staff at the bar that I swallowed took me to the ramen shop.

Kurumeya (久留米屋)

The red lanterns hanging in front of the ramen shop are astringent. We pass through the goodwill and enter the ramen shop with counter only. When we sat down, we saw oden in front of us. The menu is very simple. Menu from the right is beer, shochu, sake, rice, oden and ramen.


I asked the owner. “Do you have char siu ramen?”
Locals interrupted my conversation. “Eat everyone ramen.”


We decided to eat oden until the ramen came out. This ramen shop is also self-service at Oden. Orders are also self-reported. I remove the thick fried daikon soup stock and radish from the pan and serve them on a plate. I split the radish with chopsticks and put it in my mouth. A rich dashi slowly spreads in my mouth. The deep-fried tofu is also stewed into a bowl. It’s delicious.



This ramen shop is prepared by the general, so the ramen will come out one by one. When I finished eating oden, it was my turn.


First I drank a sip of soup. A worn-out phrase that came to my mind was that it was fitting and that it was not persistent. Next I ate noodles. The straight thin noodles match perfectly. Char siu also has a lot of volume. I was satisfied with the response. I put red ginger, after eating half of the ramen. A refreshing feeling is added to the rich soup. Exactly killing two birds with one stone.

I left the store with satisfaction. I thought, people should eat ramen when visiting Kurume. There are various ramen shops here. Each is delicious. I’m not already “Kurume Ramen = Cannon Ramen”. On the night of Kurume, you should be able to meet the taste of a ramen restaurant that I have not known yet. I wanted to come here again and again.

One of the female staff at the bar

However, does Kurume have any other specialties other than ramen? Next time I’ll ask another resident.


Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture

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