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Rich Chicken Paitan Ramen Otsu, Okayama City


Eat Ramen in Okayama City

I was pleased to see my friends again. They are my dear friends. Two years ago, we spent a year traveling around Japan. At that time every weekend, we had a launch every time the business was over. The business we are in charge of cannot fail. As a result, we were tense the day before and during the day. Perhaps because of that sense of openness, we were noisy on the night when the business was over.

We went to two bars. When I looked at the clock, the time was already around 1 am. It was about time for us to break up, but at the end it seems that we have a group that eats ramen and a group that eats yakiniku. I joined the ramen school. Yamafuji would be the best ramen to eat after drinking in Okayama. It is a store where you can eat delicious traditional soy sauce ramen. One person told everyone.

“I have a ramen shop that I want to take everyone with me because it’s really delicious.”

If he says so much, it would be really delicious. The destination we arrived at was a multi-tenant building. I was thinking that this is a bar building. “That’s it!” he told me. Certainly, there is a lantern written as “Ramen”.


Opposite the ramen shop is a yakiniku restaurant. I entered the ramen shop as recommended by him. I was surprised at the writing that came into my eyes.

“Dom Pelli Gold 100,000 yen”

As expected, it is a ramen shop in a downtown area. I suppose there is someone ordering this.

Changja roll

We were taken to a private room located behind the counter. I ordered a rich chicken soup ramen with a lot of fat. Some people ordered Tantan noodles. The guide said.

“Why don’t you eat Changja roll? It’s delicious.”


I don’t feel like eating that much, but he would say it was delicious. The contrast between the white of rice and the greenish black of Korean laver and the crimson of Changja is beautiful. The size is the amount that you can pick up with your fingers and eat lightly. I ate it. Although the taste is lighter than it looks, the umami of Chanja spreads quickly in my mouth, and the rice and dried seaweed make up the whole taste. Delicious.

Super rich chicken soup ramen

The clerk brought ramen. In the bowl, thick chicken soup like potage and medium-thin straight noodles. This is exactly chicken potage. The soup that comes out when you eat Peking Duck is not so rich.

Super rich chicken soup ramen

I often ate Peking duck in Beijing. In Beijing, it’s a style of eating with skin and body wrapped together. And drink the garnished soup. This is made from a large amount of Peking Duck’s duck boiled in a pan. By boiling over high heat, emulsification occurs and the soup becomes thick. It may have no ingredients or contain small Chinese cabbage and bean seedlings. I tried simmering the chicken at home, but I needed a deep bottom bowl to cook it over high heat. After all, I couldn’t make it well using my pot.

I eat ramen. Soup is often entwined with noodles. The spiciness of the onion makes my mouth fresh. Chicken char siu is soft and juicy. I sip noodles, eat char siu, and soup. Occasionally eat jellyfish. It has a crunchy texture. I just repeat this routine. delicious. I drank all the soup.

Super rich chicken soup ramen

Dantan noodles

When I finished eating ramen, the clerk brought noodles here. I asked him to take a picture. He advised me to take a eat of noodles, but I refused. It looks good, but I just don’t feel like eating Japanese Tantanmen. I like Chinese Dantan noodles. Besides, I am full.

Dantan noodles

When everyone finished eating, we left the store and broke up. I took a taxi to get back to the hotel. I had a good time today. When will we meet next time? Tomorrow I will take an early flight. Thinking about that, I returned to the hotel, enduring the comfort of falling asleep.

Rich Chicken Paitan Ramen Otsu

Okayama-city, Okayama

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