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Ramen Shop Sora, Char-siu pork Miso Ramen Noodles


Ramen Sora at New Chitose Airport

I decided from the morning that today’s lunch is “Ramen Sora”. I will return the rental car when I arrive at New Chitose Airport. The car rental company is so far from New Chitose Airport that I have to take a bus to the airport for more than 10 minutes. I leave my luggage at the check-in counter at the airport and I go to Ramen Sora on the third floor. I reconfirmed the process for my lunch. Fifteen minutes later I arrived at the Ramen Dojo as scheduled. But I lost my heart when I saw a lot of famous shops.

There are many famous ramen shops
There are many famous ramen shops.

Calm me down. I came here after I decided to have lunch today at Ramen Sora with a strong mind. No regret in my choice!

Ah, but can I stay in front of the many ramen shops in front of me without looking at other ramen shops? What’s more, I was fascinated by salt ramen! No, don’t feel ambivalent about it. Someone was saying. “Be a pencil-type person with a core in your heart!” I would eat salt ramen at Ajisai ramen shop next time. I changed my mind and went inside the ramen Sora.


I sat at the counter and read the menu. I ordered char siu miso ramen green onion toppings. This time I eat only ramen, no order the side menu.


I found out that there was “spicy miso ramen” on the menu shortly after I told the waitress my order. Really? because I love spicy ramen. What a hell! I changed the order in a hurry to the spicy miso ramen char siu topping. I never thought this would lead to regrets later.

Spicy Miso Ramen Char-siu Topping

A few minutes later, the waitress put the donburi in front of me. As always, I first took a sip of soup. It has a refreshing taste. It has no impact, but my calming taste is like miso soup. I dissolved spicy miso in the soup and drank another bite of soup. The tingling and spicy taste is pleasant. The thin noodles are elastic and smooth.

Spicy Miso Ramen Char-siu Topping

Well delicious. I ate Char-siu pork next. This is so soft that I can easily tear it off with chopsticks. Char siu collapses in my mouth. I eat noodles again and drink soup. Ah, the sweetness of the onion that remains in my mouth is irresistible. This is in contrast to the spiciness of the toppings of leeks. But what is this strangeness I feel?

Spicy Miso Ramen Char-siu Topping

This ramen is delicious. However, the compatibility between soup and spiciness is poor. I understand. Spicy miso ramen was recommended for Teshikaga ramen. Ramen Sora’s number one dish is miso ramen. I regret that I looked at the menu and hurriedly changed to spicy miso. After all, a man should not hesitate. I couldn’t be a pencil person. Next time I’ll eat miso ramen. I’ll be a man who won’t hesitate. I swore strongly to myself.

Ramen Shop Sora

Ramen Dojo, New Chitose Airport, Hokkaido

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