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GINZA OGURA ~Sea Bream Chazuke for breakfast~GINZA OGURA ~Sea Bream Chazuke for breakfast~


What should I have for my first meal after returning to Japan? I arrived at Haneda Airport International Terminal at 5:30 in the morning with a late night flight from Hong Kong. After sweating in the shower room and changing clothes, I headed to the restaurant floor on the 4th ...

Hakodate Dining BINGOYA  ~I saw Clione in Hakodate~Hakodate Dining BINGOYA  ~I saw Clione in Hakodate~

備後屋 鯛釜飯

Hakodate after 20 years ANA 63 flight departing at 12:00 Haneda, which was 10 minutes behind schedule, could not get off at New Chitose Airport due to snow, and finally landed at Hakodate Airport after 15:00. By the time I arrived at Hakodate Station, it was around 16:00. Even if ...

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