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Takamatsu Goemon, Black Curry Udon in the midnightTakamatsu Goemon, Black Curry Udon in the midnight

黒ハバネロカレーうどん 温玉、チーズトッピング

Kagawa citizens eat udon many times a day I don’t have much experience eating udon twice a day. However, it seems to be quite normal in Kagawa prefecture. It’s already after drinking. It’s not ramen, soba, Okinawa soba, or steak. Kobaba, a downtown area of Takamatsu City. If you ask ...

Marugame-Dori “Honetsuki-Dori”, Marugame, Kagawa,Marugame-Dori “Honetsuki-Dori”, Marugame, Kagawa,


No Marugame Udon in Marugame City Many people think of Marugame Udon when they hear Marugame City, Kagawa Prefecture. However Marugame Udon has no connection with Marugame City. Marugame Udon originated from an izakaya in Kakogawa City, Hyogo Prefecture. After that, it was a company that made a hit as ...

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