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Kuwatchi Shokudo Restaurant, Okinawa Local FoodsKuwatchi Shokudo Restaurant, Okinawa Local Foods

くわっちー食堂 ポーク玉子

History of Sakishima Islands Ishigaki Island belongs to the Yaeyama Islands. This area is called “Yaima (Yaeyama dialect)”. Miyako island is called as “Miyako” which composes Yaeyama and the Sakishima Islands, . “Okinawa” originally refers to the main island of Okinawa. Four centuries ago, King Ryukyu Shobashi unified Okinawa main ...

Woody’s International GastroPub & Grill, OkinawaWoody’s International GastroPub & Grill, Okinawa

Woody ハンバーガー

Homemade hamburger Until I came to Okinawa, I had eaten hamburgers only at fast food chains such as Mos Burger. I have a young trauma and can’t eat McDonald’s products. Mos Burger is my favorite. The next thing I like is the freshness burger. Occasionally I don’t have a chance ...

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