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Izakaya Hinode, Yaizu, Shizuoka “Oden & Nagarami”


Encounter with Sea Snail

One of Shizuoka’s local dishes is boiling small snails. Use a toothpick to dig out of the shell and eat. A refined yet firm taste with no habit. I like the boiled “Nagarami” (Sea Snail). I definitely eat when I come to Shizuoka. Locals say, “Why do you know sea snail?” I have a long relationship with Nagarami. It’s been over 20 years. For me, the image of “Shizuoka” is “Nagarami”, not tea, wasabi, eel, or golden snapper. The Japanese name is “Danbeikisago”, and the scientific name is “Umbonium giganteum”.

About 20 years ago, at the time, there was a small restaurant near my office. It is a restaurant run by a couple. Her husband was a chef, and the beautiful wife who looked good in kimono was a landlady. There are only two table seats and a counter seat.

The couple was from Shizuoka. He was a Japanese cook, but the beef tongue stew he made occasionally was superb. I often ate “Nagarami” at the small restaurant. The couple told me that it was a familiar ingredient in Shizuoka.

This triggered me to eat Nararami when I visited Shizuoka. I visited Shizuoka every few years. According to the locals, the catch of Nararami has gradually decreased, and it is now expensive. I think it’s a shame.

Izakaya Hinode

inside the restaurant

An oden shop in front of Yaizu station with the old atmosphere. When I open the door, there are no customers. There is no clerk.

“Hello, are you open a restaurant?”
“It’s open!”

I heard a voice but no one. The voice I heard is not from the back of the restaurant. From near me. The landlady was hiding behind the front seats.

The atmosphere inside the restaurant is in the 70’s. It seems to appear in an old drama. An elderly landlady was operating alone. Drinks are self-service and self-reported. There are oden pots and some platters on the counter. I’ve found Nagarami. I self-reported the order and carried it myself to my seat. I feel as if I’m at my grandmother’s house in the country.

Drinks are not served in the refrigerator in the restaurant. The landlady outsources to a restaurant on the second floor. Every time the landlady ordered by phone, the master of the restaurant above brought a mug each time.

Shizuoka style Oden

Oden Shizuoka Style

The landlady said. Sprinkle powder on oden before eating. I was already drunk, and the powder looked like peppercorn. I thought it was quite novel and exciting, but I was wrong. The powder was bonito flakes. Yaizu is a town famous for catching bonito. Add miso sauce to the oden. Sprinkle powder on the oden. delicious. Oden is delicious, but the taste of sprinkles is wonderful. I said.
“This is good.”
The landlady answered with pride.
“That’s right? It’s handmade by me.”

Bonito Flake Powder
Bonito Flake Powder & miso sauce

The price was surprisingly reasonable.

I should have eaten a lot, but head to the next ramen shop. In this way I get fat and fat. My blood pressure, uric acid level, and blood sugar level also go up. I am unhealthy. This is unhealthy.

But I can’t quit. I realized that when people drink alcohol, they become faithful to their instincts.

Izakaya Hinode

Yaizu, Shizuoka

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