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Fukusho, Iwamizawa City, Enjoy Hokkaido Soba

福松 並蕎麦

Japanese Soba (Buckwheat) Fukusho

I took a plane from Naha Airport. My seat was by the window, so there were a lot of clouds in the view, but I took off and enjoyed the scenery for a while. I transited a plane at Kansai Airport and arrived at New Chitose Airport in the evening. I went to Iwamizawa by car. By the way, I received a mail on board.

“Today’s meeting was scheduled to start at 19:00, but due to circumstances it will start at 19:30.”

The schedule ends at 21:30 on this schedule. Then go to dinner and it will be 22:00. There are few restaurants in Iwamizawa where I can eat after 22:00. Even if the restaurant is open, there is a high possibility that the ingredients are gone. I should have dinner before the meeting. What should I eat? Oh, it’s buckwheat. Isn’t it a chance to go to Fukusho?


Fukumatsu is a hand-made soba restaurant located about 5 minutes by car from Iwamizawa Station. Sarashina soba, which is pure white and finely struck, looks beautiful, and the throat, texture and taste are perfect for my taste. However, I haven’t eaten the major “Torimotsu soba” around here. This is the first time for me to have dinner at this soba restaurant.



I parked my car in the parking lot of the soba restaurant. When I entered the restaurant, a couple of customers were eating. They were also eating Torimotsu soba. At this restaurant, I can choose three types of soba, Sarashina (pure white), Inaka (countryside) and Namiko (standard). But Sarashina and Inaka were sold out. I order a Torimotsu-soba Namiko.

Sarashina Soba

Torimotsu Seiro

I don’t know exactly what kind of chicken motsu soba is. I am the first soba to eat. The food brought by the clerk after a while was quite different from my imagination. I thought I would eat cold soba with warm soup. The imagination was right. However, a large amount of oil floated in the soup and reflected the dazzling setting sun. This was unexpected.

Torimotsu Seiro

I swiped a bowl of soup with chopsticks. I have found a large number of different types of chicken internal organs. Is the oil coming from these?

bowl of soup

Soba looks very delicious. I took the soba with chopsticks, dipped it in the soup and put it in my mouth. I understand, but my mouth is oily. The soba is moderately firm and has a smooth throat. It’s delicious, but after all I wanted to eat Sarashina. Since Sarashina only has 10 meals a day, so it will be sold out in the daytime.

Namiko (standard) Soba

I ate chicken motsu. soft. A little greasy. This level of greasiness is not uncommon with Ramen. But this is soba. Suddenly I noticed that I forgot to add the red pepper. I took the container and sprinkled the red pepper into the soup. Red pepper powered the taste. This is better.


Fukusho Soba

The buckwheat noodles at this restaurant are delicious. Torimotsu Soba is not bad either. It’s no problem with a large amount of oil. But I like cold soba noodles at this restaurant. Fukumatsu soba noodles, which bears the name of the soba restraunt, is also good, but I think it’s better to eat the popular cold tempura soba noodles. Come early in the day to order the Tenseiro Sarashina cold soba noodles. I’m sure this is the correct answer.

Fukumatsu soba noodles

After eating the soba, I quietly left my chopsticks and stood up. I paid and left the soba restaurant. For the time being I was able to eat buckwheat. I’m no longer hungry. Now, let’s change my mind. I’ll check in at the hotel and head to the meeting.

Soba Fukusho

Iwamizawa city, Hokkaido

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