Local Restaurants Gourmet Report in Japan Curry,Udon cuud Curry Udon Noodles, Haneda Airport Terminal 1

cuud Curry Udon Noodles, Haneda Airport Terminal 1

cuud curry udon noodles

cuud Curry Udon

I ate at almost all of the restaurants at Haneda Airport Terminal 1. I don’t want to eat at the food court. It’s so brusque that I can’t eat slowly. I don’t want to eat buckwheat here either. The next Izumo is famous for soba. I just ate Yakiniku Toraji the other day. I don’t feel like eating sushi or Chinese food.

What is it?
There is nothing I can eat.

No, wait me. There is only one restaurant I’ve been interested in for a long time. Exactly two, but the other is in Terminal 2. I walked inside the terminal. That’s right. That stylish and simple design, the restaurant looks like foreigners and young people, and the restaurant name abbreviated “curry udon”.

Yes, “cuud”.


Thus I opened the restaurant door.

It’s a chic design inside of the restaurant. It’s a very fashionable towel. The open kitchen is functional and beautiful in appearance.

inside of the restaurant
Inside of the restaurant

There is only a counter seat, but there is a luggage storage area behind. It’s suitable for travelers.


What should I eat?

Curry Udon Noodles

There are two menus. “Curry Udon” and “Tomato Curry Udon”. “Half and Half” would be a menu for those who want to eat both curries. I chose spicy “curry udon”! Let’s just see. Let’s taste the performance of the yellow udon noodles!

cuud Curry Udon Noodles
cuud Curry Udon Noodles

Curry is not thick, but it’s not smooth. It feels like the roux is split with soup stock and rolled out. When I eat a bite, it tastes spicy and nostalgic. It’s like the yellow Japanese curry I used to eat when I was a kid and added some spicy spices.

cuud curry udon noodles
cuud curry udon noodles

Fine udon is not very elastic. However, the curry is often entangled on the surface of the noodles. So that’s it. Well thought out. The crispy texture of leek makes fun me. Low sour pickles go well with curry .

cuud curry udon noodles

Curry Risotto

I added rice to the soup after I ate most of the udon, . Well, I think this curry rice is better than the first curry udon. Eating better. I would have eaten all this way. I added more soup leaving a little rice. This is the curry risotto. I washed the roux on the edge of the bowl cleanly with soup stock. This is the owner’s message, eat roux to the end. It’s a curry soup. When I have the soup in my mouth, it’s more spicy than before. I sipped the soup while biting the rest of the pickles.

cuud curry udon with rice
Curry udon with rice

At the end, I touch my mouth edge of the bowl and poured it into my stomach in a lively manner. It is a complete meal. Rinse the spicy feeling that remains in my mouth with cold tea…not flowing. Unfortunately, the spicy ingredient capsaicin is water insoluble. Alcohol soluble. Hmmm, will I go to the lounge and have a beer? No, it’s still daytime. I don’t drink until night.

Next time I will try tomato curry udon.

Which direction is the security checkpoint?

cuud Curry Udon Noodles Shop

Haneda Airport Terminal 1, Tokyo

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