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Ekikama Kishimen, Nagoya station, Aichi

What do I eat lunch

I am going to Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture, from Okinawa to attend the encouragement of my acquaintances. I’m sure there are many nostalgic faces. However, the next day I have to return to Okinawa. I decided to stay in Nagoya considering the transfer to the airport the next morning.

My flight departs at 11:50. It’s time to cross lunch. I have to figure out what to do with lunch. Should I buy bento or eat at a restaurant? I don’t like the bento sold at the airport. I like my own bento, but today I didn’t feel like making a bento. Even if I eat at the airport, it’s still early for lunch. I decided to eat lunch after arriving in Nagoya.

It is also good to eat at a restaurant at Centrair Airport. What should i eat? When I hear Nagoya, the things that come to my mind are Ogura spaghetti, miso katsu, miso stewed udon, and kishimen.


Speaking of Kishimen, it’s Sumiyoshi kishimen shop. Sometimes I want to eat the miso stewed kishimen noodles asexually. However, there is a Sumiyoshi kishimen shops at the station platform. Don’t worry. It’s Nagoya. Kishimen’s authent. You can find Kishimen shops here and there. Alright, I decided what to eat. Next is timing. Should I arrive at the hotel and then go eat? Then when will I eat? Until then will I be hungry? No, I have no choice but to endure. I will do my best.

Miso stewed kishimen noodles, Sumiyoshi kishimen shop
Miso stewed kishimen noodles, Sumiyoshi kishimen shop

Let’s eat kishimen

Usually, the weather is bad in early May in Okinawa before the rainy season. However, there were some nice days this year. It was a nice day and the weather was early summer. The Yoron Island seen from the window is beautiful.

Yoron Island

I didn’t feel hungry as I slept soundly on board. I was hungry as the landing approached. Being hungry makes people feel impatient. I think the blood sugar level and the comfort margin are proportional.

When the airplane arrived at the gate, I got off it. I headed straight to the Meitetsu platform. This trip is one night so my luggage is small. I had only a few my baggage. Then I was able to buy a limited express ticket to Nagoya, which departed just a few minutes later. Maybe I can move easily because I was staying at a Meitetsu hotel. At the last station, Nagoya station, I go out from the underground platform. I walked along the Meitetsu department store and arrived at today’s accommodation.

I left my luggage in the room and immediately went to the station. This time JR Nagoya station is the destination. By the way, I wanted to cut my hair. I headed to the ticket gate of JR Nagoya station because I had already decided my destination. I was curious about the barbershop on the way to the station. Anyway, I will go to Okazaki City after having a meal and refreshing.Ekikama Kishimen Shop. It’s a kisimen shop that I’ve been worried about every time I passed through Nagoya station. I checked the restaurant area of Meitetsu Department Store just in case, but I couldn’t find kishimen shop.

Ekikama Kishimen Shop

I made my way through the premises of Nagoya Station. I found This shop. The store is not very crowded. The time was around 3 o’clock. It’s late for lunch. When I entered the store, I was guided to the counter seat. I looked at the menu. I doubted my eyes.

Ekikama Kishimen Shop

What is this price?

It’s not the price of a stand-up Kishimen shop in the station. What is this? Anyway, let’s order something. We recommend “Nagoya Cochin Kishimen” and “Chicken Miso Kishimen”. However, I chose “Ekikama Kishimen,” which bears the name of the store. 930 yen. It’s twice the price of the Sumiyoshi kishimen shop. Is it worth it, I can’t help but wonder until I see for myself.

I finally calmed down. When I tried to quietly order, I realized that it would be a Tenmusu set for an extra 300 yen. Well, it’s dinner at seven. Let’s buy Tenmusu as a souvenir and go home. I arranged my thoughts and then ordered Ekikama kishimen.

Ekikama Kishimen Noodles

A few minutes later, the clerk put the donburi in front of me. It looks pretty good. I drank a sip of soup first. The soup stock has a solid taste. The miso taste is also effective. Sumiyoshi’s Kishimen is also delicious, but I always thought that it would be better if the dashi stock was a little stronger. I drank another bite of soup. Ah, the soup seems to be sucked into my empty stomach. The richness of Hatcho Miso is attractive to me.


Then I ate noodles. The noodles look solid. The texture is very smooth. This is the real pleasure of Kishimen. Kishimen is noodle made by flattening udon dough. However, it is characterized by being firmer and firmer than udon.

The ingredients are also well made. The soup stock egg is not too sweet. Eggplant tempura goes well with miso, just like Taraku. Is this all a calculated taste? And I drank soup again. Oh, the rich scented liquid permeates my stomach.

After finishing eating, I thought. When I’m a little hungry, I eat at Sumiyoshi Kishimen shop. The kishimen in this shop makes me happy, even when I’m very hungry. The price is reasonable.

Nagoya souvenir

The next day, I bought Tenmusu and Hitsumabushi as a souvenir. I went home and had it with my wife and my daughter.

Hitsumabushi Roll
Hitsumabushi Roll

How about a one-year-old child who likes eels? I’m scared of my daughter’s future 🙂

Ekikama Kishimen

Nagoya station, Nagoya-city, Aichi

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