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Daichi Udon, Daichi Set (Udon noodles and Inari-sushi)


Daichi Udon at Hakata Station

I fly from Hokkaido to Fukuoka for 882 miles. After that, I transfer to the Shinkansen and go to Kagoshima. It’s Hakata station where I transfer to the Shinkansen, where I can have lunch. Hakata is famous for the pork bone ramen, motsu-nabe (a Japanese pot that is made from Beef or Pork Tripe), chicken pot, and mentaiko (spicy cod roe). However, few people know that Hakata is the birthplace of Japanese udon noodles. So let’s eat udon. I searched online for a udon shop at Hakata Station.

Finally I found it “Daichi Udon”.

All right, I decided to have lunch here today.


I went to Hakata Station by subway from Fukuoka Airport. The target udon shop is at Hakataguchi, opposite the Shinkansen. I walked in the underground shopping area of Hakata Station. The number of people gradually decreased. Am I wrong? Being anxious, I went further. Suddenly I found a line. Here?


Customers sit down after buy meal tickets. What should I eat? There is no menu. I saw something that looked like a menu outside the udon restaurant. It was too artistic for me to understand. The ticket machine has big buttons and small buttons. I guessed the big buttons would be recommended.


“Daichi Set”

It should be super recommend menu because it includes shop name. But I can’t imagine cooking from the name. Is there any clue somewhere? I calmly looked around to search some hints and I found literal of “Udon and Inari set”. I pushed the button and handed the meal ticket to the waiter.

Udon noodles dough

The waiter guided me to the counter seat. I realized that there were many female customers. The waiter repeated me the menu. Most of the customers were eating either “Daichi set” or “Zaru udon noodles” in the shop. There were a lot of matured udon dough on the counter. In the back of the kitchen, the chef boiled the freshly made udon noodles. A cook was washing freshly boiled udon with ice water. The udon noodles are shining and beautiful like snow. Oh, Zaru Udon noodles must be delicious.

I noticed that the counter was full. I’m the only male customer. The woman on the left took several sticks from her bag and swallowed them one after another. These were dietary supplements, sugar absorption suppressants, and yokunin. It was her preparations to eat udon. I was impressed. The waiter carried my udon soon.

Daichi Set

Daichi Udon Noodles
Daichi Udon Noodles

I sipped the soup. Delicious. I tasted the flavor. Moderate saltiness. Soup permeates my rough stomach wall. I sipped soup two, three in a row. Oh, I’m back to life. I drank a lot last night.

Next I ate udon. The noodles are not so elastic. However, The surface of the noodles is smooth. The noodles flowed through my throat. It feels good. Beautiful golden soup and pure white udon.

Daichi Udon noodles

Next is burdock tempura. This is also a specialty of Kyushu. Burdock tempura, Maruten (Round Fish Cake) tempura, meat udon. In the Kanto region, udon is topped with Kakiage (Mixed vegetables tempura) or a raw egg. In the Kansai region, udon is topped with Abura-age (thin fried tofu) or shrimp tempura.

The thinly sliced burdock is crispy. I saw the left woman. She was peeling sliced burdock from the tempura one by one. So that’s it. Eating one by one, she doesn’t have to open her mouth wide.

Beef is lightly seasoned. It has a strong meat taste. Oh, I noticed I forgot to put the red pepper in the udon. I put the red pepper in the domburi. The spiciness further enhances the taste. I can’t wait. Udon is delicious. Good burdock tempura. Wakame (brown seaweed) has no particular comments. It didn’t matter if Inari sushi wasn’t included. It’s an extraordinary one. Inari sushi is deep fried thin bean curd stuffed with vinegared rice.

Daichi Udon noodles

I drank the soup and ate up. I am happy. Next time I want to eat zaru udon. Now, let’s get on the Shinkansen. Can I have a good meal in Kagoshima?

Daichi Udon Shop

Hakata-station, Fukuoka city, Fukuoka

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