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Gourmet note of the fifty men who visited a thousand restaurants in three years

Human memory is ambiguous. I seem to remember it, not really. As memory deteriorates with age, memory becomes even more vague. I am having a lot of business trips. I want to record exactly the restaurant, food, and impression that I ate. I’m not having fun, just take a picture, upload it to SNS and say, “It’s delicious!”

There are many user-participating gourmet sites on the net. However, there are many people who have doubts about the evaluation. I am one of them. Even if I read the comments, I often feel that it is different from myself, how to feel and how to grasp things. I think it’s probably posted by a younger generation. I’m fifty years old, and I don’t feel right.

Many of my business trip destinations were in the Japanese countryside. I also went to many cities with a small population. There is extremely little information in the countryside. In such a case, my intuition is reliable. The information on the net is for reference only. Not at all. Meals are a luxury item. Even if others insist that it’s not delicious, what tastes good to me is delicious.

I went to a restaurant introduced by the local people. So I was shocked by the ingredients and the taste. The price makes me even more astonished. However, if I search the restaurant online, the restaurant’s rating on the gourmet site is low. When I read the comments, I see only tourists. Is this a valid evaluation?

Not all restaurants are good in the big cities. If the population is large, it would be possible to run restaurants without repeaters. It’s expensive and not delicious. The clerk’s attitude and customer service are bad. A different order from the booked order will be served. There are restaurants in the world that don’t value their customers. Some restaurants have vowed that I’ll never go again. I recorded it so I wouldn’t forget.

I would like to convey the fact that I confirmed with my own eyes and tongue. I want to tell my wife. I want to tell my children. I’m happy, if this blog is helpful to many people.

I have no business trips now. I have no job. I’m staying home everyday. It’s so hard I ind out new jobs at the age of 50. My skills were useless. I was always rejected because of my age on paper. I can only rely on unemployment insurance. It’s all due to the corona shock.

Now I can visit restaurants only a few times a month. A man cling to the glory of the past. People can’t forget the bright days they once had. Now I can only miss the past.

I hope that someday, people will be able to come and go as before and I will be able to travel again. That way, I dream of visiting local acquaintances all over Japan and enjoying the local food.

Although blogs always have comments, I’m not really good at socializing. With every depression, I’ve been sick of looking at the dislikes and undersides of humans. I gradually became less fond of interacting with people. I was harassed and bullied at the company I worked for. I didn’t want to go to the office. I also hate SNS. So now I don’t want to talk to anyone but my family and a handful of people. If you really want to contact me, please use the form.

Thank you,

2020’s Summer, FLAYD ISOJI.

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