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Nodoguro Nihonkai, Grilled Blackthrort Seaperch, IzumoNodoguro Nihonkai, Grilled Blackthrort Seaperch, Izumo

Nodoguro Nihonkai

Speaking of Izumo in Shimane Izumo Taisha, Izumo soba, sake. I wonder if this is what I think of when I hear Izumo. Izumo residents say the same. “There are only Izumo Taisha, soba (buckwheat) and sake here.” Izumo Taisha (wikipedia) is one of the big shrines in Japan. But ...

Udon Shop Yama, Hot Udon Noodles and Eggplant TempuraUdon Shop Yama, Hot Udon Noodles and Eggplant Tempura

Udon Shop Yama

Awa Odori Posters Awa Odori posters are a hot topic among anime fans every year. The Awa-odori is the largest and most famous bon (Japanese Buddhist custom that honors one’s ancestors) dance in Japan. Tokushima City holds an annual anime event in the city. I am impressed by the administration ...

Hakodate Ajisai, Salted Char siu Noodles, New Chitose AirportHakodate Ajisai, Salted Char siu Noodles, New Chitose Airport

Ajisai Ramen

Hakodate Ajisai I don’t know why. But I want to eat salt ramen asexually since yesterday. Go to “Ajisai”. It’s a famous salt ramen shop in Hakodate. There is also a ramen shop Ajisai at Ramen Dojo at New Chitose Airport. I arrived at the airport at 13:15. It takes ...

Daichi Udon, Daichi Set (Udon noodles and Inari-sushi)Daichi Udon, Daichi Set (Udon noodles and Inari-sushi)


Daichi Udon at Hakata Station I fly from Hokkaido to Fukuoka for 882 miles. After that, I transfer to the Shinkansen and go to Kagoshima. It’s Hakata station where I transfer to the Shinkansen, where I can have lunch. Hakata is famous for the pork bone ramen, motsu-nabe (a Japanese ...

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