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Japanese Sushi Binzushi, Deluxe Sushi Combo, Hokkaido


Eat sushi at Iwamizawa-city

There are several sushi restaurants in Iwamizawa, Hokkaido. It’s delicious at any sushi restaurant. The sushi restaurant that specializes in sushi is “Toshizushi”. It opens at 5pm in the evening. There are no customers in the early hours. This sushi restaurant is crowded at midnight. After drinking, hungry drunks visit here to eat sushi. I am the same kind. A local acquaintance brought me, “If you want to eat sushi, there are delicious restaurants.”

sushi restaurant

This sushi restaurant has only sushi. There is chirashi sushi, but the basic is nigiri sushi. There is no side menu. Previously, I ordered a side menu, but the chef declined. The drink menu is beer, sake, and shochu. Shochu high is only green tea high. It has a very simple menu structure. I want to eat sashimi lightly and then sushi. However, this wish does not come true. So it’s been a while since I visited this sushi restaurant.

On this day, I was alone without a night plan. I decided to go back to the hotel after eating sushi. I passed through the goodwill of this sushi restaurant after a long time. There are no customers. I sat at the counter and ordered beer and deluxe sushi combo.

Deluxe sushi combo

The first is tuna lean, white fish and crab. it’s beautiful. The rice is a little warm but not bad.

Next is sweet shrimp, scallops, and raw surf clam. I don’t eat prawns much. It’s because I rarely meet delicious shrimp. But in Hokkaido, I can eat prawns with peace of mind. There is no loss. I don’t usually eat scallops, but when I’m in Hokkaido I do. The scallops are thick and sweet with a smooth texture. Raw surf clam can only be eaten in Hokkaido. I don’t like the boiled red surf clam so watery. Fresh raw surf clam has a sweet and nice scent.

The closing is the warship rolls. Frying fish roe, sea urchin, salmon roe. In Hokkaido, frying fish roe are fluffy and delicious. I have never eaten a bad salmon roe in Hokkaido. The sea urchin is creamy and has no odor, and its elegant sweetness spreads in my mouth. Oh, irresistible. This is the end of deluxe sushi combo.

Frying fish roe, sea urchin, salmon roe

The mantis shrimp is delicious in Hokkaido!

Then I order the sushi that I want to eat. The first is squid and mantis shrimp. I have to eat squid when I come to Hokkaido. Hakodate is famous, but it’s delicious no matter where you eat it. It’s natural that these are caught in the same sea. In Hokkaido, even a cheap izakaya serves fresh and transparent squid. An acquaintance in Nagoya was impressed by eating it.


“What? This? 980 yen? If I eat in Nagoya, I’ll pay 10,000 yen!”

In Hokkaido, the spring is the season for shrimp. The inside of the shell is tightly packed. I like eating males it’s strong taste. But deep fry of the females with eggs are delicious. The mantis shrimp and the Spanish mackerel should be in season. Well, I’m looking forward to it.

mantis shrimp
mantis shrimp

Finally I requested a sea urchin. wonderful. My liquor had changed from beer to green tea high. I can talk with the chef over the counter. This sushi restaurant seems to be run by a chef, his wife, and a chef’s sister. This sushi restaurant has been open for thirty years. The chef told us about the history of the restaurant. I talked about Okinawa. In conversation The chef served me a surf clam spicy saute. This dish goes well with sake.

I got quite tipsy. Alcohol concentration of green tea high is high. It’s good for drinkers, but I got drunk after drinking four glasses. It was almost two hours since I entered the store. I made a bill and left the sushi restaurant.

Binzushi, Sushi Restaurant

Iwamizawa city, Hokkaido

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